North Star Stamping is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, IATF 16949 compliant company. We provide products and services that meet customer requirements for quality, price and delivery. Our goal is to continually improve the way we do our jobs, manage our business, and serve our customers. Full PPAP submissions are provided on all certifications.

The company culture at North Star Stamping focuses on employee empowerment and the continued search for excellence in the way we do business. Each employee takes full ownership of the parts they produce and are responsible for the quality of those parts.

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ISO-9001-2015 Certificate

Customer Service

Early supplier involvement is the key to making your product as competitive as possible. From prototype through production, working together gives our customers the edge.

Service is not merely a word at North Star – it is the linchpin of our philosophy. Customers may request status reports at any time, and the North Star Stamping tracking system can pinpoint the exact progress of your parts and determine your shipping date. Our Sales Representatives keep their fingers on the pulse of each order, from die building, stamping and finishing.

At North Star Stamping, we’re intent on being true team players, because our success comes only from your success.

Manufacturing Excellence

North Star Stamping and Tool’s state-of-the-art press control systems produce the ultimate in precise, high quality parts. A variety of press capacities and in-house spot welding have enabled us to increase productivity and maintain the cost competitive edge. Our internal procedures keep us poised and ready to react promptly to your design and schedule changes.

Parts will be finished to your specifications. Whether it involves heat treating, brazing, plating, painting, or a wide range of other processes, we can deliver a quality product to your satisfaction.

Precision Tooling

North Star Stamping services the dies that we run in our facility and contract new die building to suppliers that specialize in design and building of tooling.

On-Time Delivery

Receiving a product on time is as important as receiving a quality product. We maintain our own vehicles for dependable delivery. Ample warehouse space allows us to offer the flexibility of JIT (just-in-time) shipments. All shipments are identified with bar-coded labeling for greater accuracy in inventory control, on the floor and in the stockroom.